Why Choose Us? 3 Sec Offer/Outline/Detail

Why Choose Us?

3 Sec Offer / Outline / Detail



3 Sec Offer:

To find the top 10% of real estate agents & recommended home service providers from your city.

Why Choose Us? (Outline)

Referral Only Community

A Referral-Only Community of Local Realtors, Home Pros and Homeowners. Everyone you need to make owning your home easier, in one place.

Local Trusted Pros

When you need home maintenance, you can search, view & select recommended specialists who can solve your issue.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing your home is in the care of someone who has earned their reputation as an expert!

Why Choose Us? Detail

Team of recommended home pros:

Here you can find recommended homepros from your area!

All of the home service professionals on our platform are hand-picked by local REALTORS® and other home pros. In fact, the only way professionals can make it into Maxment is if they’re recommended. So you get top quality talent, courtesy of people you know and trust.

Increase your home value:

Buying or selling a home is a stressful time for anybody. Whether settling into a new home, or staging a home for its highest sale value, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll recommend the best local pros for your situation. If it’s a landscaping need or a septic repair before a buyer will accept your contract, we take the guesswork out of choosing a professional.



Key Features:

  • A referral-only community of local Realtors & home pros
  • We make owning your home more enjoyable
  • We make maintaining, fixing, and expanding your home easier!
  • Our pros are ready to help and support you when you need them
  • Maintain your home’s value so it’s easier to sell
  • We provide member-only special deals and offers


How to Find Top Pros?


Search for the type of homepro you're looking for.


Review top homepros from your area.


You decide and select the best pro. No obligation.